Zoo Scratcher

Zoo Scratcher is a game of scratching, scratching and more scratching. To win all you need to do is scratch off the winning combinations, then cash-in and collect peanuts to feed the hungry Zoo animals. Pick from three random scratch-off games and see how many peanuts you can win!

Zoo Match

Zoo Match is a really fun game with multiple levels. To win all you need to do is match 3, 4 or 5 similar tokens. Clear each level and you WIN BIG!
If you run out of peanuts, don't worry. The new zoo keeper has made arrangements for you to get free peanuts EVERY DAY you come back for a visit. Play Zoo Match now!


Zoo Games is a collection of fun games that are perfect for testing your luck and skills. This is the very first set of Zoo Games, so make sure you download them all and start playing at the zoo.

Zoo Lottery Character Lineup


Zoo Games

It's Fun to Play at The Zoo!

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