Zoo Bubble Match

The zoo keeper has left and the animals are getting hungry. What will they do? These crafty animals are floating out of the zoo in bubbles. Help Titus, the elephant, pop the clusters of bubbles and release the zoo animals back to safety.
Sound easy? Give it a try!

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Zoo Matcher

Zoo Matcher is a really fun matching game with multiple levels. To win all you need to do is match 3, 4 or 5 similar zoo animals. Clear each level and you WIN BIG! Earn special game pieces that improve your ways to score. You can always find more ways to stay longer at the zoo.
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Zoo Lottery

Get Lucky With Zoo Lottery! Match three, four or six numbers and collect enough peanuts to feed the hungry zoo animals. Match ALL the numbers and your WINNINGS GET BIGGER and so does your peanut bag! With leaderboards and achievements you can compare your luck with your wacky, zoo-loving friends.

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Zoo Scratcher

Zoo Scratcher is a NEW zoo scratch-off game from Zoo Games. To win just scratch off the winning combinations, then cash-in and collect peanuts to feed the hungry zoo animals. Pick from three random scratch-off games and see how many peanuts you can win!

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ZOO GAMES brings people and animals together through great zoo branded games.

We currently have four zoo games available on both IOS and Android. Check back often because we have another line of games currently in production.

Zoo Lottery Character Lineup



It's Fun To Play In The Zoo!

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